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The International Campaign for Cambodia (ICC) is choosing this date of June 25, 2017 to officially launching its cyber campaign to start its mission as stated in this blog. On this date the Cambodia’s National Elections Committee (NEC) announced the official final results of the communes elections that were organized last June 4. The elections were organized in relative freedom and peace. The results were accepted by all parties involved. It is truly the triumph of Democracy for most. But if you are truly looking deep down to the elector process, you will see that the elections were not free and fair.

It is simply because the political parties in contest were not having same level playfield in terms to media access, resources and support. The democratic structure is bias in favor to the CPP ruling party which have all the state resources for their use and its President also Prime minister who can preach and profess as please he wanted.

The CPP always talk about protecting Peace, but what peace is that if the budget for the armed forces is always in the increase, and always movement of troops whenever there were internal crisis, and a huge private army of body guards to protect the Party Chief?

Beside there is a silent colonization of foreign settlers that pose a big threat to the country national security and independence.

Cambodia future is at risk, it is the noble duty of all citizens to get involved in her defense. ICC is determined to get involved, without pride and prejudice, without partisanship and pre-judgement. For Cambodia, First and Foremost…

True democracy in domestic policy, and a foreign policy of neutrality are keys to Cambodia survival, in peace and independence.

Please share the site and get involved.

In solidarity, Thank you.


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