Dates to Remember

January 7th, 1979: Communist Vietnamese Army that invaded Cambodia on December 25th, entered Phnom Penh, kicked out the Khmer Rouge and declared Victory. A Cambodian Government was installed, known as the Heng Samrin Regime.

February 18th, 1979: The Heng Samrin Regime signed a Treaty of Friendship with Vietnam.

March 18th, 1970: Deposition of Prince Norodom Sihanouk, the Kingdom was proclaimed in October as Khmer Republic presided over by General Lon Nol.

April 17th, 1975: The Khmer Republic collapsed to the Khmer Rouge which became later the Democratic Kampuchea with Khieu Samphan as President and Pol Pot as Prime Minister.

May 6th, 1947: End of Absolute Monarchy which became Constitutional Monarchy based on a new Constitution written by the Democratic Party, under Prince Sisowath Yutevong.

June 4, 1949: The day French President Vincent Auriol signed the law transferring the administration of Kampuchea Krom, alias Cochinchine, to Vietnam’s King Bao Dai. Cambodia legally lost Kampuchea Krom, under then King Norodom Sihganouk watch.

June 15, 1952: King Norodom Sihanouk sacked the Huy Kanthoul legally elected government. He then took the power of the Prime Minister. Practically it is the beginning of the end of democracy.

June 28, 1951: Official Birth date of Cambodian People Party (CPP). It was then known as Khmer People Revolutionary Party (KPRP) with an emblem showing the 5 tower Angkor Wat with a red background. The KPRP was an offspring of the Indochinese Communist Party (ICP), that was created in 1930 by Ho Chi Minh. The ICP went through many changes since then.

July 5-6, 1997: The Cambodian People Party (CPP) forces battling and vanquishing Prince Ranarridh of FUNCINPEC forces in an attack the UN representative qualified as a coup d’etat by the CPP. Prince Ranariddh fled the country and his government was sacked. CPP took over the control of the armed and security forces since then. It is the beginning of the demise of Cambodia’s Democracy that was restored by the United Nations with the elections of 1993.

July 6, 1999: Piseth Pilika was shot in broad day light and was critically wounded. She died a week later on July 13 at 6:30AM at the hospital.

July 17, 2012: Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP) was founded, out of the merger of the Sam Rainsy Party (Sam Rainsy, President) and Human Rights Party (Kem Sokha, President).

September 21st, 1993: Constitution was adopted, made Cambodia a Kingdom again and known as the Second Kingdom, Prince Sihanouk becamed King again. President of the Constituent Assembly formed out of the May elections organized by the UNTAC/UN was Mr. Son Sann.

October 23rd, 1991: The Peace Agreements ending the conflict was signed in Paris.

November 9th, 1953: The Kingdom of Cambodia regained full independence from France that ruled Cambodia since 1863 under a Protectorate Treaty.

December 25th, 1978: Communist Vietnamese Army invaded Cambodia to kick out the Khmer Rouge that ruled the Democratic Kampuchea under Pol Pot.


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