November: The good, the bad, and the ugly

November 9: It is good for Cambodia to commemorate the Independence Day since 1953, but it is bad now, because Cambodia nowadays, depends on communist Vietnam for its security, and depends on communist China for its cash. Debt keeps increasing … And debt is a threat to its national security, it is the ugly thing to have. From now Independence is void of its meaning … The only person responsible for this is PM Hun Sen.

November 16: The Cambodian Democracy was killed by its strong man PM Hun Sen, with the dissolution of the sole credible opposition Cambodian National Rescue Party or the CNRP. But the Death Certificate was signed by the 9 members of the Supreme Court that was presided over by Dith Munty, Hun Sen trusted man. It is ugly. 118 leaders of the CNRP were also banned from politics for 5 years. The ruling Cambodian People Party (CPP) were sure to win big at the next July 2018 elections over the newly revived FUNCINPEC. It is the ugliest thing in Cambodia since Democracy was proclaimed on May 6, 1947. The western world rise up in protest, and too bad that only China and Russia were backing the strong man.

The Cambodian People Must Resist to dictatorship!

– Neak Ta Khleang Moeung

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